Abstinence syndrome during the drug addiction treatment

Abstinence syndrome during the drug addiction treatment. Anonymous treatment of drug addicts in Moscow. Drug addicts treatment

Any drug affects the human body, changing its hormonal and psycho-emotional background, when there is a feeling of euphoria, vitality and lightness as a result of action of drugs. Over time, the body ceases to produce its own chemicals necessary to maintain a tone of neural connections and there occurs an abstinence syndrome. This is the main difficulty in the drug addicts treatment, as the painful feelings force them to take another dose, which is increased with time.

Support in the detoxification clinics

The views on the treatment of such dependence are very different. Some experts hold to an opinion that the absolute treatment is not possible, and others are able to successfully eliminate the effects of abstinence syndrome at clinics and at home. The active work is held by the  anonymous treatment of drug addicts in Moscow, where the qualified doctors support patients and advise relatives on actions during withdrawal. The feeling of shame often makes us to obscure the drug addiction problem from the strangers, which is why the attempts to

independently get rid of the effects of the syndrome lead to concealment and lack of proper treatment.

The detoxification clinic in Israel offers help to anyone, who wants to get rid of any kind of addiction, because a personal desire of the patient is crucial. However, the lack of motivation is not a sentence. The relatives or close people often apply for assistance. A compulsory treatment of drug addiction in Israel is performed by the experienced doctors, who will facilitate suffering of abstinence syndrome and will give a psychological support to the patient.

Signs of abstinence syndrome

The absence of the possibility of introducing the psychotropic substances into the body causes a severe discomfort. The symptoms can be considered as:

  • weakness, malaise, general depression;
  • depression, irritability;
  • frequent heartbeat and shortness of breath;
  • trembling, sweating and nausea.

The specialists of the detoxification clinic in Israel carry out a number of procedures aimed at cleansing the body and normalization of work of the internal organs.