The fight against drug addiction

The fight against drug addiction. Compulsory drug addiction treatment. Private detoxification clinic.

Prevention of drug addiction — an actual problem of the modern medicine. Drug addiction — a disease that fundamentally changes the human mind and causes a high dependence on taking the narcotic substances. It is very difficult to get rid of this disease independently.

This is due to the fact that a person can not control his/her actions and overcome the desire to use the drug. An effective drug addicts treatment shall be held in a special medical center under the supervision of the experienced doctors. The duration of therapy aimed at fighting against the drug addiction depends on the stage of the disease and the characteristics of the patient’s body. If a drug addict refuses to apply in hospital, then his/her relatives can apply for the compulsory treatment of drug addiction.

After the patient’s hospitalization, it is important to consider a few rules of his/her treatment:

  • A drug addict shall be in an enclosed space. Even if the patient has a strong desire to defeat the disease, he/she will continue to look for the drug dose.
  • A rehabilitation of drug addicts provides a complete rejection of taking the narcotic drugs. Assuming the use of drugs subject to lowering the dose, we will not achieve the desired result of therapy.
  • Physical activity. The regular exercises allow distracting from negative thoughts and pass through the withdrawal easier.

It is impossible to fully treat the drug addiction. Even after medical rehabilitation there is the probability of recurrence. A person can fall down and go back to his/her bad habit. The reason for this phenomenon lies in the irreversible changes of the psyche. It is difficult for a patient to live in the real world; it is easier for him/her to get a psychoactive substance and transport into his/her illusory reality. Accordingly, the medical assistance to the drug addicted patients shall include conducting of the psychotherapy sessions.

By working with a qualified psychologist, the patient analyses his/her past life, makes sure that he/she is dependent on the drugs and adjusts himself/herself to recovery. The main rule of the soul healing of the drug addict — is the recognition of his/her illness.

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