How to help a drug addict?

How to help a drug addict? Narcological dispensary. Detoxification center. Drug addiction. Drug dependence

The person taking the drugs causes harm not only to himself/herself, but also to his/her family and people around him/her. It’s hard for him/her to overcome his/her own addiction, he/she needs help of his/her family. How to behave with a drug addict to awaken a desire to treat this disease in him/her, and to go to the detoxification center?

There are several recommendations in helping a drug addict:

  • To find information about the received narcotic substances and the features of the disease progression. By equipping with the necessary knowledge, it will be easier to get rid of the disease and to realize that the drug addiction is a complex disease of the psyche, which treatment requires a special approach.
  • To reduce the patient’s financing. The patient will try to find a way to get money to buy a dose of drugs. For example, he/she will offer to go to the grocery store.
  • Timely medical assistance. If there is a confidence that the loved one has become a hostage to addiction, you shall immediately contact the rehabilitation center for drug addicts. The medical experts will help you choose an effective method of treatment of the drug addiction and restore health.
  • A confidential conversation with the patient. It is important to make contact with a drug addict, to try to explain to him/her that the drugs are very dangerous to human life. Each clinic, eliminating the drug addiction, prescribes the psychotherapy sessions. During the group or individual sessions with a psychologist the patient confides his/her experiences and analyzes his/her conduct.
  • Compulsory rehabilitation. It often happens that a drug addict does not recognize that he/she is sick. In such a situation it is necessary to use medical intervention. It is not necessary to look for the narcological dispensaries and forcibly hospitalize a patient. First, you can invite a narcologist and create a favorable environment for the advice.

Try to support a drug addict, when you try to help him/her. Prove to him/her that the private detoxification clinic will help him/her to recover and return to normal life.