Signs of drug use

Signs of drug use. Anonymous drug addiction treatment. Drug addiction treatment. Drug addicts treatment

A successful  drug addiction treatment is associated with the correct diagnosis and definition of the rehabilitation scheme. Upon examination of the patient the doctor pays attention to his/her behavior and external signs. A person, who uses drugs, differs from other people with common mood change.

From time to time he/she expresses joy and gladness, which are replaced by irritation and aggression. There is observed a decline in interest in the previous hobbies. An appearance of the drug addict is characterized by slovenliness in clothes, dry and pale skin, brittle hair. In order to recognize the reception of drugs by injections, it is necessary to pay attention to the hands, ankles, feet. The evidence of use of psychoactive substances are the puncture marks along the veins.

Drug addiction is also expressed in the presence of the following additional features:

  • The behavior reminds the state of alcoholic intoxication. The patient has no smell of alcohol from his/her mouth.
  • The mood does not correspond to the situation: causeless laughter, aggression, excessive talkativeness.
  • Change in motor activity (increase of gestures, relaxation, inability to sit still, fatigue, body rocking, and sharpness of movements).
  • The face and body skin is characterized by paleness or redness.
  • There is a clearly expressed eye shine.
  • The eye pupils do not react to light.
  • Defect of salivation process — dry mouth or excessive salivation.
  • Speech of the drug addict can have distinctive character or different with slowness and lack of clarity.

Where does the drug addicts treatment take place?

According to the social surveys, the highest degree of effectiveness of drug addiction treatment belongs to the foreign medicine. The European centers conduct an anonymous drug addiction treatment, which is important for those patients, who are afraid to hear condemnation from the people around them.

A professional help of narcologist includes cleansing the body of toxic substances, facilitating «withdrawal» and reducing a strong drug craving. The most popular detoxification clinic, which has an extensive work experience with the seriously ill patients, is located in Israel. If you want to get rid of drug addiction one and for all, please contact the «Renaissance» Clinic.