Stages of the drug addiction development

Stages of the drug addiction development. Anonymous detoxification clinic. Drug addicts treatment

The bad habits became a part of our everyday life. Their elimination is the main problem of the modern society. It is particularly difficult to deal with the drug use. This is due to the fact that many people want to escape from reality and the problems of life with the help of drugs. They believe that after one taking a substance the drug addiction will not affect their lives.

And in fact, after the first admission of the drug in the blood, the human psyche starts changing. The further drug use is fraught with the development of psychic and physical dependence.  The adolescent drug addiction is difficult to treat. The awkward age includes the formation of «I», in which the person demonstrates a desire to prove to all his/her autonomy and independence.

There are several stages in the development of the disease:

  • The first stage — the emergence of a strong drug craving. A person becomes dependent on taking the narcotic drugs, and he/she has a need to constantly increase the dose to achieve euphoria. In the intervals between doses he suffers irritation and dissatisfaction. At this stage, the effectiveness of support to drug addicts depends on understanding of the disease development by the drug addict. If he/she ceases to use harmful drugs, he/she will save his/her body from destruction.
  • The second stage is characterized by a physical dependence. The body adapts to the flow of drugs. An abrupt discontinuation of their taking leads to «withdrawal.» The patient experiences anxiety and restlessness. He/she has muscle pain, cramps, feeling of chill or heat, pains in the stomach and his/her appetite is sharply reduced. If you do not start treating the drug addicted patients in this stage, the consequences could be poor.
  • The third stage — the process of body exhaustion. The drug addicts lose weight greatly, differ by their apathy and weakness. The sick patient can not live without a dose of a narcotic drug. There is a complete degradation of the individual, which can result in death.

The only way out of the labyrinth of addiction is an appeal to the detoxification center.

Only the medical assistance of the doctors is able to return a person to a normal life. Every drug addict has the opportunity to find a suitable medical facility and undergo treatment. A reliable anonymous detoxification clinic will restore a patient’s health.